97 Carbon Fiber Left Front Brake Guards Left front brake guards are a must have on any racecar. We have a broad selection of brake guards that will suit your caliper’s needs. We have aluminum and carbon fiber LF guards for Wilwood brakes. We also have carbon fiber for Red Devil Ultra-Lite KRP-507ULB $37.00 Wilwood KRP-507WIL $37.00 Shock Covers This is a great way to protect your shocks without adding any unsprung weight to your car. Big Body CRV-833 $37.50 Small Body CRV-834 $36.00 Carbon Fiber Radiator Deflector This carbon fiber air deflector is bullet proof. Designed to fasten to your chassis and wrap around your lower cross member, deflecting air directly through your radiator allowing your engine to run cooler. This is the only carbon fiber air deflector that will withstand the abuse from any racetrack condition. Carbon Fiber KRP-161 $180.00 Carbon Fiber Dash Kenny’s #1 in Carbon Fiber Manufacturing! This is the finest dash on the market. Designed to fit most race cars, Aircraft quality workmanship, the only one of its kind in the industry. Carbon Fiber KRP-162 $250.00 Carbon Fiber Top & Nose Wing Caps Top Wing Cap KRP-645 $130.00 Nose Wing Cap KRP-647 $45.00 Carbon Kevlar Tunnel This new carbon/Kevlar tunnel is the next step in safety for sprint car racing. Constructed out of carbon fiber and Kevlar it is not only bullet proof, but adds an element of safety we have never seen before. The new carbon/Kevlar tunnel wraps around your torque tube bolting to the carbon floor board that replaces your existing floor pan. With plenty of testing this new product has proven to be one of the safest way of protecting your legs from injury. Kevlar, Carbon Fiber IPC-AO-041 $1,200.00 JL1 Carbon Fiber Seat Designed by one of the carbon industry’s finest, this seat has been a long time coming. With all proper testing and design, this new carbon JL1 is sure to be one of the safest, lightest and strongest seats on the market. Call for additional information. Carbon Fiber KRP-648 $2,499.00