92 Brakes Aluminum Heim This ultra lightweight rod end con- nects the brake pedal to the master cylinder, comes with 5/16˝ female threads. Black, Anodized, Right Hand, 5/16-24, 7075-T6 Aluminum, 5/16 (0.3125˝)* F-K-ALJF5-B $9.50 Return Spring Kit Most times brake fade is caused by the driver resting his foot on the pedal and heating up the fluid. This new return spring kit once easily fitted to your master cylinder will eliminate most of those worries by adding that extra spring resistance to pedal. KRP-352 $14.95 Brake Residual Pressure Valve Made from billet aluminum, keeps 2 PSI pressure on your caliper pistons to keep the brake pads floating against your rotors. Male end is -3, that threads into the master cylinder and the female end is 1/8 NPT. -3, 1/8˝ NPT KPC-858585 $18.00