78 Ignition Plug Wires The MSD 8.5mm SC wire features less than 50 ohms per foot of resistance, the lowest available in helically wound wire. MSD-31549 $106.95 MSD Replacement Cap & Rotor Always good to have a spare in case of a problem at the track. Comes as a combo and fits the MSD Pro Mag. MSD-7919 $72.95 MSD Lightweight Pro Magneto This magneto is designed to make big power. It uses a high output magnetic pickup to trigger the output instead of points. The magnets never need to be recharged. Powerful rare earth magnets, never lose their charge. MSD-7908 $1601.95 MSD Spark Box This is the high endurance spark box. They come with mag switch, wiring harness, vibration mounts and hardware. MSD-810 $608.95 MSD Coil Wire Always good to have a spare with you in case you have a problem. MSD is a hot mag and it can put stress on the coil wire. MSD-84039 $15.95 MSD Mag Clamp The Chevrolet Pro Mag features a unique Slip Collar and Anti-Rotation Clamp assembly. The Clamp is Made By MSD. MSD-7905 $59.00 MSD Rev Chips Limit your RPMs and extend the life of your engine and valve train with this rev chip kit. This kit comes with 5 chips, ranging from 8100 to 8900 in odd increments. MSD-87481 $38.50 Pro Mag Band Clamp These MSD Replacement Pro Mag band clamps have been specifically designed for use with your MSD Pro Mag. They are manufactured from billet aluminum and include the mounting bolt for tightening around the magneto housing Billet Aluminum MSD-8148 $106.00 MSD Box Cover These quality scrub bags will cover your MSD rectangle style ignition box to protect from dirt and debris during the race or at the carwash. Designed for transporting and washing. Manufactured from water repellent Denier nylon. OUT-30-1528 $14.99 Oil Pressure Warning Light This kit includes kill switch, warning light, battery mounting bracket, oil pressure sending unit, 1/8˝ pipe T-fitting, wires LON-4562 $32.99 Kill Switch The longacre 2 prong switch has been the choice of top teams for years. Easy to mount and install. LON-45420 $9.50 MSD Kill Switch This pro mag switch comes complete with switch, harness, on/ off position label and crimp connectors. MSD-8111 $59.95 SCI Kill Switch Assembly SCI has designed this new kill switch assembly to fit most race cars out there. this kit comes completely wired from your switch to your MSD box as well as your TEL-TAC making installation easy. SCI-1181-W $75.00