60 Front End 2 Pickup Front Axles KPC standard front axles are offered in a 2 1/4˝ and 2 1/2˝ diameter. Our axles come in a variety of lengths from 50˝, 52˝ and 53˝. Both are constructed by professionals for professionals. 50˝, 2.25˝, 2 Pickup KPC-095000-2PU $205.00 50˝, 2.5˝, 2 Pickup KPC-095002-2PU $205.00 52˝, 2.25˝, 2 Pickup KPC-095200-2PU $205.00 53˝, 2.25˝, 2 Pickup KPC-095300-2PU $205.00 Maxim Front Axles A genuine Maxim axle designed with stamped aero tube uprights. Constructed of 4130 chromoly tubing and chrome plated. Used by the Outlaws. 50˝, 2.5˝ MAX-1070002-50 $286.00 52˝, 2.5˝ MAX-1070002-52 $286.00 53˝, 2.5˝ MAX-1070002-53 $286.00 53˝, 2.5˝, Five bar MAX-1070002-53F $303.00 Maxim 2 Pickup Front Axles A genuine Maxim 2 pickup axle designed with stamped aero tube uprights. Constructed of 4130 chromoly tubing and chrome plated. Used by the Outlaws. 50˝, 2.5˝ MAX-1070002-50-2PU $310.00 52˝, 2.5˝ MAX-1070002-52-2PU $310.00 53˝, 2.5˝ MAX-1070002-53-2PU $310.00 53˝, 2.5˝, Five bar MAX-1070002-53F-2PU $327.00 G-200 Grease G-200 Synthetic Formula is a premium, high temperature grease. Provides excellent performance in severe/hot applications such as disc brakes, wheel bearings, U-Joints. KPC-G200 $11.50 Ti L/F Rotor Bolts Tapered seat, flat head machine fastener with an allen pilot. Short thread so you can bolt the left front rotor to the direct mount hubs.Designed to fit Red Devil rotors. Sold individually. Titanium AST-3502 $12.50 Ultralight King Pins The flange is machined into one end to eliminate the need for another cap. A gun bored hollow center gives you weight reduction. Lightweight WIN-6476-02 $21.00 Titanium King Pins Super weight savings of 60% over steel. Precision centerless ground for a perfect fit. Titanium WIN-6476-02T $65.00 King Pin Cap Winters king pin caps are designed for Winters ultralight and titanium king pins. 2024 Aircraft Aluminum, Black, Anodized WIN-1109-02A $2.95 Weld-on Nut These weld on nuts have become more and more common in our sport. Teams use the in places such as radius rod pick ups on the front axle,frame as well as on shock mounts. Steel, 1/2-20 COO-12CW $3.50 Spindle Kit Made from a 7075 forging and a heat treated spindle spud for maximum strength. The spindle spud and spindle blank have been threaded to keep the spindle spud from turning or moving around. 7075 Aluminum Side: Left, Right SCI-BP-DDS $725.00 Lightweight Forged Sprint Spindle By forging these spindles with the latest in aerospace technology, we have gained strength and durability at a great price. Tumbled to a polished or black finish, this spindle comes with bushings and a locking spindle nut kit. Steel Finish: Polished, Black WIN-3622-B $148.00 Black, Titanium WIN-3622-BT $195.00 Polished Steel WIN-3622 $135.00 Polished Titanium WIN-3622-T $189.00 Spindle Nut Spacers Adjustable Bearing Spacers increase wheel spin by over 1200%. Installing MPD bearing spacers will increase how freely your car rolls, putting more horsepower to the track and decreasing corner drag. MPD-013607 $49.95