54 Fuel System Outerwears Outerwears are designed with a unique polyester material which contains uniform micron openings. These openings allow air in, yet keep particles of dirt and flying debris from clogging your filter. Dyno testing shows no critical loss in HP. Availabe in black or blue. midget OUT-5175-625T-XXX $28.00 6˝ OUT-61-725T-XXX $49.95 4˝ OUT-10-2535-XXX $36.95 Carbon Fiber Base Plates This new blank Carbon Fiber Base Plate design, makes it so you can custom fit to your application. Injector spacing 6-7 inches, center to center. Carbon Fiber, midget K-N-188-8577 $209.00 Carbon Fiber, sprint K-N-100-8565 $210.00 Base Plate Stands The HRP base plate stands will work on any base plate you are using. 4˝, set HRP-8391-2 $8.00 6˝, set HRP-8391-1 $8.00 Air Filter Clip K&N Clips are designed for added support around the outside of Flow Control System assemblies. Made of spring steel and black powder coated these, clip kits come in sets of four (4). Black, Powder Coated, Spring Steel K-N-85-83898 $23.00 4˝ Air Filter Designed to fit many new style head designs. With center-to-center injector spacing from 6-1/2˝ to 7˝. The new 4˝ top allows more room to clear your hood and avoid any air from being blocked from the top of your engine. 4˝ K-N-100-8592 $565.00 Seals-It Air Box Boots Engineered for an air tight seal. Simply pop rivet these seal boots to the bottom of any air box. Tapered rubber boot design fits any and all stacks. Set of 4. Kit includes 4 pieces. Size: 2.00-2.65˝ Silver, 2.75-3.15˝ Blue, 2.00-2.50 Gold K-N-0148 $98.60 Air Filter Cleaning Kit This Walker air filter cleaning kit is specially formulated for Walker air filter elements. Includes formulated cleaner solution and genuine blue oil to recondition your filters. WAL-BAF2016 $35.00 Fuel Line Bulkhead Fittings & Dash Plate These fittings help make sure you don’t get your low-speed and main fuel lines crossed. The dash plate is clearly marked. The quick disconnects help reduce your engine changing time without the chance of switching the lines. -6, Male ICO-35-0020-06-3 $45.43 -6, Female ICO-35-0018-06-3-E $52.43 SCI-1193 $39.95 Bypass Shim Use these thin shims to properly adjust your bypasses. HIL-F510C-1 $1.81