35 Steering Gen 2 Mount The SCI Gen 2 Mount has a basic look to it. With the three prongs machined into the design, it makes for a quick and easy steering gear change. This product comes with a black anodized finish. Black, Anodized SCI-1103 $44.95 Steering Clamp Bolts These Low Pro Steering Clamp bolts are a great way of getting your gear tight without busting your knuckles. They also add that clean look inside your cockpit. Titanium KRP-377 $18.60 Sweet Wing Slider Hose Kit Designed to fit the sweet steering kit, this #3 kevlar hose kit is lightweight and durable. Includes a 35˝ ST/90 and a 22˝ ST/90. this will go from the ram to the valve. Kit includes: 1 x 22˝ and 1 x 35˝ 22˝, 35˝ KRP-231-S $78.50 GEN2 Power Steering Gears The Black Gen 2 steering gear is the newest gear on the market. With its sleek and compact design, it not only offers you one of the lightest gears on the market, it also gives you maximum room in your cockpit to work around. KSE-KSGEN2L-5652 $1,749.00 Black, Anodized KSE-KSGEN2L5652B $1,849.00 Sweet Power Steering Gear The Sweet P/S gear is All new technology makes this new power steering system holds up in the toughest conditions. It’s flow control valve makes the steering both smooth and consistent from green to checkered. Gear weighs 24lbs. SWE-306-40130-225 $1,495.00 HPD Black Power Steering Pump Sleek, Lightweight Profiled Finish New contrast cut black anodized bearing section and profiled reduces overall pump weight. This is the lightest racing power steering pump made. Increased Pressure Setpoint The HPD pump utilizes a non-sticking poppet-type relief valve which has been increased to 1600 PSI. This was made possible by the rigid construction design and zero tolerance clearances. Improved Performance & Flow The special design tear-drop timed porting and large #10 inlet eliminates cavitation up to 10,000 engine RPM.Durable Carburized 8620 gun-drilled pump shaft with shielded ball bearing input and 3/8” hex drive male input and female output.100% Performance Tested Every KSE pump is flow and pressure tested to strict performance specifications. Versatile Will accept all popular fuel injection pumps. KSE-KSC-1068-002 $575.00 Sweet Mfg Steering Pump Kit The Sweet P/S Pump is all new technology that makes this new power steering pump hold up in the toughest conditions. It’s flow control valve makes the steering both smooth and consistent from green to checkered. SWE-306-10300 $552.00 Tandem Power Steering/Fuel Pump Designed and developed for durability and peak performance, as well as weight savings and ease of plumbing. This pump fits most applications with a variety of sizes and mounting combinations. Great for carbureted and limited sprints. KSE-KSC-1061 $735.00