28 Wheels Ti Front Hub Nuts CNC machined titanium flange nuts. A great way to lose rotating weight. Set of 10. Titanium MET-NUTHF375-16 $85.00 Ti Wheel Studs Made for the direct mount front hubs - button head allens that are machined from aircraft grade titanium with rolled threads. Set of 10. Titanium AST-3413-K $100.00 Oil Filled Dust Caps Save yourself some time on your sprint car and midget program with this Oil Filled Dust Cap. The oil filled dust covers are designed for performance and time savings on maintenance. This kit comes with everything you need to convert your standard Weld and MPD front hubs from grease to oil. The specially designed dust cover works with an O-ring to create a great sealing surface in the hub to prevent oil leaking out of the front side of the hub. SCI-1200-SET $69.00 Titanium Bead Lock Bolt Kit Most important unsprung & rotating weight. This titanium kit has a weight savings of 1 lb per wheel. A must for serious racers. Set includes 16 bolts and 16 washers. Hex AST-4511-K $73.00 Titanium Wheel Center Bolts Fine threaded bolts designed for use on the Weld wheel with the nut-sert built into the center. Kit includes 16 bolts and 16 washers. Hex AST-5508-K $72.50 Valve Stems Valve stems are sold in a pack of 4. Available in 1/2˝ and 5/8˝. Please specify Size at checkout. Size: 1/2˝, 5/8˝ MCY-TR15-4 $10.00 ARP Stainless Wheel Bolts These ARP stainless 12pt bolts are are 20% stronger than grade 8 hardware and corrosion free. The extended collar eliminates the need for washers. ARP Stainless, 12pt, Wheel Center Bolt KRP-621 $2.00 ARP Stainless, 12pt, Bead-loc Bolt KRP-622 $2.25 Wheel Inserts Kit includes 16 coarse thread silver bead-loc bolt inserts for a 13˝ or 15˝ Weld Racing Oval track wheel. WEL-P650-3013 $20.00 Wheel Center Bolts This kit contains 12 bolts (1/4-28 x 0.75”) and 24 washers used with the 10” center inserts to fasten the Micro center to the wheel. Steel, Hex WEL-659-3009 $16.00 Ti L/F Rotor Bolts Tapered seat, flat head machine fastener with an allen pilot. Short thread so you can bolt the left front rotor to the direct mount hubs.Designed to fit Red Devil rotors. Sold individually. Titanium AST-3502 $12.50 3 spoke Ultra Front Hubs The new Weld 3 Spoke Ultra Hub is a trick looking piece. These hubs knock 61% off your rotating moment inertia in the front end. Available in black or gold. Left, Front Color: black or gold WEL-C8088-LT3 $282.00 Right, Front Color: black or gold WEL-C8088-RT3 $282.00