208 Tools Roller Car Stands These new roller car stands have a sturdy frame, rubber chassis pads and a roller bearing caster to move your car around your shop. Sold as a set. KRP-372 $225.00 Regulator Fill Kit Our regulator kit come with regulator, gauges, Adjuster key Air Barb, and coiled hose All the necessary parts to get you started. All you will need is a nitrogen bottle. FKS-101-SRFK $174.95 Shock Vise The best way to hold and rebuild all your shock and related components. This multi-use vise will hold bodies, shafts and rod ends making shock rebuilding fast and easy. FKS-003-TLS-0005 $160.00 Shock Inflation Tool Designed specifically for FK Shocks and their innovative internal valve stem system. FKS-003-TLS-0002 $152.00 Squaring Blocks The ultimate in setup blocks for squaring your sprint car. These EZ Square Tools have adjustable blocks and quickly and securely mount to your car and cradle the axle, making it a breeze to set height and square. This IS the MUST HAVE setup tool for the series sprint car racer. There is nothing better. The Optional (sold separate) Adjustable Rule Arms (pair) give you precise and quick setups all the time! HRP-6011 $275.00