2 Maxim Chassis Kit Contents Chassis Aero Max Hood Aero Max Dash Aero Max LH Arm Guard Aero Max RH Arm Guard Aero Max Nose Floor Pan Dzus Fasteners LH Ner RH Nerf Rear Nerf Tube Saver Front Bumper LH Aluminum Lower Panel RH Aluminum Panel Aluminum Air Box Left Front Arm Right Front Arm Left Rear Arm Right Rear Arm Rear Motorplate 50˝ x 2-1/2˝ Front Axle Aluminum Stops (2) 3/4˝ Steel Stops (2) LH Bird Cage Assembly with Bearing RH Bird Cage Assembly with Bearing Jacobs Ladder Assembly Pitman Arm Angle 45-3/4˝ Steel Tie Rod 49˝ Steel Drag Link Radiator Tray 18-1/2˝ Sway Bar 22-1/2˝ Aluminum Radius Rod (3) 23-1/2˝ Aluminum Radius Rod 24˝ Aluminum Radius Rod Chassis Kit All Parts Black Anodized $6,153.00