194 Midget Parts Midget Steering Arms MPD racing has been a leader in the motorsports industry for years. The MPD steering arms are made from the greatest quality metal and machines on the market giving you a great part for your race car. Left MPD-2790CLT $65.00 Right MPD-27800LT $42.00 Midget Axle Nuts Aluminum midget axle nuts. Available in left and right, 31spline and black or silver finish. Left, 31 Spline, 2˝ Finish: Black, Silver WIN-6799-02 $42.63 Right, 31 Spline, 2˝ Finish: Black, Silver WIN-6799-01 $42.63 Left, 36 Spline, 2-1/2˝ Finish: Black, Silver WIN-6735-02 $55.00 Right, 36 Spline, 2-1/2˝ Finish: Black, Silver WIN-6735-01 $55.00 Midget Heavy Duty Torque Ball & Housing The SCI heavy duty torque ball is designed to go with the standard fire wall housing and 2.990 torque tube. this is the latest advance- ment in a midget drive train in years. MPD-064203 $108.00 SCI-1178-HC $169.00 Midget Wheel Spacers Midget wheel/axle spacer kit comes with the following 8 spacers: tapered: 1-1/4˝, 1-3/4˝, 2-3/4˝, 3-3/4” straight: 1/2˝, 1-1/2˝, 2-1/2˝, 3-1/2˝ 31 Spline WIN-6880 $155.00 36 Spline WIN-6936 $155.00 Midget “System” Spacer Kit “The System” - A unique and simple answer to the wheel spacer dilemma. This spacer systems allows you to move your wheel a total of 2-1/2˝ without removing a spacer from your axle. Call and find out how! 31 Spline, 36 Spline MPD-087200-M $92.00 Midget Rear End The Winters Deluxe Pro Rear end features a magnesium case, 44 off 1 and 44 off 3, and 31 spline axle. It also has a pinion posi-lock nut assembly, pinion nose roller bearing, and a choice of 3.78 or 4.33 R&P. There is a titanium lower shaft, aluminum coupler, and thermal dispersant. WIN-K247S $1699.00 Left Front Brake Wilwood’s GP320 Sprint Left Front Brake kit offers increased braking torque and thermal performance of the GP320 4 piston calipers. A definitive increase in braking and durability over traditional aluminum or steel rotor systems. Mounts are included for standard Sprint spindle to match the included 10.50 x 0.19” Super Alloy rotor. Also includes Composition Metallic brake pads, lightweight aluminum dynamic mount 3-pin rotor adapter and T-nut hardware kit. WIL-140-11810 $660.75 Folding Wheel Balancer HRP’s exclusive design offers ease of use, functionality, portability and the durability our products are known for. Folding balancer mounts to wall or can be used as floor stand model. Black powder coated base/frame with anodized components. Base/Frame dimension of 29” x 18” HRP-6014-1 $610.00 Mandrel Midget & Collar Midget Wheel Balancer Mandrel and Collar. HRP- HRP6014-700 $325.00 Carbon Fiber Air Boxes Designed originally for midgets and constructed the same as the V8 box. This half box also works great on the larger late style injectors. Blank rubber bottom allows you to cut and fit to any injector size. Midget K-N-100-8570 $320.00