192 Spec Parts Steel Inboard Brake Kit This kit comes with super light caliper, pads, rotor and lightweight floating clamp. All hardware included. Inboard WIL-230 $320.00 Spec Sprint Bell Housing The absolute cleanest way to add a flywheel to your sprint car. This cast bellhousing is designed to bolt to your motor plate. Used with a standard sprint car U-joint, driveline and torque tube. Flywheel shim is recommended. Starter mounts in the stock Chevy position. Must move bottom cross tube back 1˝.  KRP-198 $405.00 Spec Sprint Motor Plate Kaeding Performance has designed this motor plate for spec sprint racing to assure the clearance of the flywheel and starter. KRP-060S $168.00 Battery Box The weld in SCI battery box has been designed to fit under the seat of your car. Constructed from steel it uses two J-bolts and aluminum angle to hold your battery in place. KPC-005-2082 $85.00 Bolt On Sway Bar Kit This universal bolt on sway bar kit is a great way to turn your winged car into a non-winged car. This system stabilizes your car and helps drive you off the corner better. Magnify the sway bar effectiveness by changing bars or adjusting pre-load into the sway bar stop. Stiffer the bar the more bite off the corner, soften the bar for less bite. This kit comes complete ready to bolt on, all you have to do is weld 2 pick up points on your front axle and bolt it up & go. KRP-217 $500.00 Sway Bar Link These aluminum sway bar links are swedged and tapered for 3/8˝ rod ends. Sold individually and rod ends sold separately. 3/8-24, 4˝ KRP-221 $12.00 Fuel Pressure Gauge The Autometer fuel pressure gauge is used on most spec sprints. The gauge reads from 0-15 psi. Gauge diameter 2-1/16˝ and fits 34 hose end. 2-1/16˝ LON-4311 $58.00