190 Pavement Sprints Pavement Brake Rotor Adapters This mount bolts directly to your standard 6-pin hub. These adapters are designed to use with our 0179K18 4 piston caliper mounts. Pavement Rotor Stands MPD-01790K $19.95 Pavement Rotor Adapter MPD-011700 $65.00 Weight Jackers Leave yourself an option. This remote weight jacker allows you to adjust the car from the cockpit to compensate for fuel load or a race car that is fading. BEA-250750 $329.95 Heavy Duty Front Bumper This bumper fits directly into existing bumper sockets and also butts up against the front frame tube for extra strength. Works great as a horn on those short tracks! KRP-068-H $115.00 Silver Crown/Sprint Torque Tube The SCI torque tube is has heavy duty flange and is precision machined from quality 2024 billet aluminum. 38” long 2024 Billet Aluminum, 38˝ SCI-1128SC $270.00 Rear Panhard Bar Pavement sprint car steel pan hard bar and upper brace. Fits Beast and most wide body sprint cars. BEA-EE721 $412.50 Pavement Steering Arms These steering arms are specifically designed for pavement use due to their unique geometry. Machined from 2024 aluminum. Right, Lightweight, Front, 2024 Billet Aluminum MPD-017700LT $75.50 Left, Lightweight, Front, 2024 Billet Aluminum MPD-017600LT $45.00 Beast Pavement Axle Made from 4130 chromoly and fits most wide body pavement sprint cars. Available in both 50” and 52” lengths. 4130 Chromoly Length: 52˝ - Long, 50˝ - Short BEA-EE-616 $299.95 Pavement Sprint Car Header These headers are specially designed for pavement sprint cars, where ground clearance is an issue due to low center line engine placement. 1-7/8˝ to 2˝ Spread SHO-1035LVDN $379.95 2˝ Spread SHO-1036LDN $335.00