174 Body Big Head Dzus Are your Dzus holes getting worn out? The big headed Dzus is a easy fix. giving more surface area these will solve your issue. Black, Large DZU-PAN-BIG-ABK6500-B $2.40 Silver. Large DZU-PAN-BIG-A6500 $1.95 Aluminum Slotted Dzus Made from aircraft aluminum and for racers trying to shave off the extra pounds. Available in silver or Black. Aluminum DZU-PANA6500 $1.45 Aluminum, Black DZU-PANA6500-B $1.95 Stainless Body Saver Mounting a body on your racecar? Then these body savers are a must. Designed to eliminate Dzus hole elongation. Stamped from stainless material, radiused and lightweight. Also great for repairing your worn out hood or body panels. Stainless S-S-DZSVR $0.60 Lightweight Dzus Plate This lightweight Dzus plate is the finest on the market. Used by all the top manufacturers. ZEM-DZPLATELW $1.00 Dzus Spring Manufactured from chromoly and plated for protection. Fit all standard Dzus plates and Dzus. Chromoly DZU-PANS6400 $10.65 Aluminum Body Saver Reinforce your fiberglass or aluminum body parts with these body savers. Resistant to wear and cracking under the constant abuse of racing. S-S-BCKPLT $1.25 Bolt-on Shock Tower In the case of an emergency these bolt on shock towers sure come in handy. The bolt on shock tower will bolt on any car in your desired location - a real life saver after a wreck. KRP-503 $59.00 Hood Plate Simply attach these plates to the top of your hood with rivets for a great fit. each Aluminum KRP-262 $7.50 Radiator Screen Protect your radiator from rocks and flying debris with this screen that is designed to fit directly above your radiator deflector. Large, 7˝ COO-011285 $57.00 Small, 12˝ COO-7AS $53.00 Stamped Radiator Screen The stamped radiator screens are made of 6061 aluminum and come in a black anodized finish. The screen is flat for easy cleaning and designed with long tabs on the bottom for easy mounting to your air box. KRP-638 $62.00 Stamped One Piece Air Box Sleek and easy to put in and take out. This air Box is a one pice unit made of 6061 aluminum with a black finish . Available for standard rail or raised rail. KRP-639 $65.00