166 Body Maxim Hood & Nose Maxim scoop hood with nose. Designed with a very sleek and round new design. Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020160 $375.00 Maxim Aero Force Arm Guard Maxim has been working hard to better the appearance of your car. This new arm guard was designed with the same style as the aero force hood and dash. Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020177AF $145.00 Maxim Aero Force Hood & Nose The all new Maxim hood design brings back that old school flavor yet still offers some new age technology. With the molded hood scoop and some cool looking body lines this new hood is sure to be one of the better looking ones out there. Designed to use a fiberglass cowl. Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020161-AF $275.00 Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020162AF $100.00 09 Hood & Nose Maxim scoop hood with shovel nose, designed by Kinser Racing. With aerodynamics a must in today’s racing, this front nose allows clean air to flow under the nose wing to help with down force and also direct clean air to your motor. Available in red, white and black. Fiberglass Color: Red, White, Black MAX-1020161 $275.00 Fiberglass Color: Red, White, Black MAX-1020162 $100.00 Kinser Bubble Arm Guard Steve Kinser Racing designed this flat bubble arm guard with maximum arm clearance and aero advantage in mind. Kinser Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020176-K $125.00 Big Max Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020176BM $140.00 Flare Arm Guard The Flare Arm Guard has been designed to give you an aero flow and added down force to the side of the car while having protection from the R/H safety cage. Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020177-FL $140.00 Maxim Triangle Fiberglass Panel The new fiberglass left side panel fits tightly on to your Maxim. With rolled edges it gives off a great look to your car. This piece is also lightweight and durable as well. Standard MAX-1020173AM $52.00 Big Max Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020173BM $58.00 Left Side Safety Arm Guard This light but very strong left side arm guard is designed for cars with a left hand safety cage. This panel gives you the feel of added protection. Specify ‘08 or later chassis. Left, Standard Chassis Year: 2008 MAX-1020178 $80.00 Left, Cage, Wedge Chassis Year: 2009-current MAX-1020178-09 $80.00 Left, Big Max Chassis Year: 2008-current MAX-1020178BM $85.00 Aero Max Left Side Arm Guard The left side Aero Max arm guard matches the Aero Force collection and will fit on most chassis. Left, Color: White, Red, Black MAX-1020178-AF $105.00