144 Shocks Regulator Fill Kit Our regulator kit comes with regulator, gauges, Adjuster key Air Barb, and coiled hose All the necessary parts to get you started. All you will need is a nitrogen bottle. FKS-101-SRFK $174.95 Bump Rubber Cup This aluminum bump rubber cup keeps your bump rubber from expanding and deforming as well as hiding it from the competition. FKS-002-PRT-001 $42.00 Shock Cover Decals Get your shock covers to match your race team colors. Factory Kahne is now offering custom shock cover decals. Allow 1-2 weeks for process time. FKS-STC-SC $10.00 Packer Kit These bump rubber shims are made for 1/2˝ shaft and come in 1/8˝ and 1/4˝ increments. This is a great tuning tool for getting your left rear travel exactly where you want it. Comes in a pack of 5 - 3 x 1/8˝ and 2 x 1/4˝. FKS-PRT-C003 $20.00 Shock Rod Ends These rod ends are for FK Tuner shocks, they allow to get your shock travel length set for your application. Made from quality aircraft aluminum, they are available in 3 sizes: 1-1/4˝, 1-3/4˝ and 2-1/8˝. 1-1/4˝ FKS-003-PRT-RE125 $25.00 1-3/4˝ FKS-003-PRT-RE170 $25.00 2-1/8˝ FKS-003-PRT-RE212 $25.00 Shaft Extension - 1˝ Add an extra 1˝ of travel to your shaft with the new FK shaft extenders. 1˝ FKS-003-PRT-SH1E $18.00 Shock Vise The best way to hold and rebuild all your shock and related components. This multi-use vise will hold bodies, shafts and rod ends making shock rebuilding fast and easy. FKS-003-TLS-0005 $160.00 Shock Drip Cup The best way to keep your overflow shock oil from getting all over your shocks and work area. The pliable rubber seal allows you to work on most standard size shocks. JOE-19300 $55.00 Factory Kahne FK-Gas Shocks Sprint, Micro, Midget, Silver Crown The FK Gas shock is a proven product that has been #FKWinning for nearly a decade. The FK Gas Shock offers unmatched performance and tunability. FK Gas Shocks offer the widest range of valving on the market. Each gas shock is tuned to our customers specific needs and available in 5, 6, 7, and 8˝ lengths. Contact us to get started on your own personal shock package. FKS-Gas, non-adjustable $375 & up FKS-Gas, adjustable $475 & up Factory Kahne FK TT Shocks Sprint, Micro, Midget, Silver Crown We have taken the traditional TwinTube design and blended it with our industry leading technology, performance and consistency. The FK TwinTube is available in 6,7,8,9˝ lengths, rebound, com- pression or non adjustable. Contact us to select from over 100 valving options. FKS-TT, non-adjustable $250 & up FKS-TT, adjustable $425 & up