138 Exhaust Shorty Muffler This muffler wouldn’t pass at any track with a db limit. SHO-103535K $34.95 Header or Muffler Turndowns No more cutting and trying to make your own turn downs. These turndowns fit either 3˝ or 3-1/2˝ exhaust. A great way to direct the fumes away from the cockpit. 45°, 3-1/2˝ SHO-3525 $20.00 45°, 3˝ SHO-3025 $20.00 Exhaust Elbows These 90-degree elbows are a great way to direct exhaust away from tires and suspension components. Also a great way to eliminate fumes in cockpit. 90°, 3˝ SHO-3090 $24.75 90°, 3-1/2˝ SHO-3095 $24.75 Muffler Mount No more hose clamps! These muffler mounts are made to slip over your nerf bar and come with a tab to weld onto your muffler so you can bolt the two pieces together. 90°, 3˝ KRP-634 $39.95 Exhaust Clamps & Steel Rings Removes quick and easy for muffler replacement or storing in your trailer or shop. Clamp SCI-VBK $21.00 Ring SCI-SF350 $19.00