100 Pit Equipment Runout Measuring Tool Ever wonder how to check some of the most vital parts on your sprint car for run out? Well, we came up with an innovative tool to help you. With two fully adjustable towers, this tool allows you to check drive lines, torque tubes and even rear axles for run out. A must for every serious racer! Comes with magnetic indicator. SCI-1112 $197.00 Block Cradles With Rollers No more spitting your blocks out when you spin your rear axle. These rollers bolt on top of your adjustable blocks. Blocks not included SCI-1180 $89.95 Low Profile Zerc Fittings These zerc fittings make greasing your spindles easy and also leave plenty of clear- ance on your front axle. KRP-342 $18.50 KRP-343 $8.95 True Square Just attach TRU-SQUARE to the rear end and the chassis.The rear end is moved into position by adjusting the length of the TRU-SUARE tools. Once the rear end is in position,TRU-SQUARE holds it in place while you time the birdcages and hook up the rod and on the torsion arms. Billet Aluminum KRP-608-B $199.99 KRP-608 $139.95 Rear End Squaring Tool Used in conjunction with (sold separate) HRP6011 Setup/Squaring Blocks, these adjustable setup arms make squaring your axle to the car quick and easy every time. Adjustable in 1/2” increments to 39”, 40” and 41” length. Do yourself and crew a favor, use these! Sold together as a pair. HRP-6011-Arm-Set $65.00 HRP-6011-SquaringBlockSeat $275.00 Front End And Rear End Mounts This clean mount puts your rear end and two front ends on the wall for quick changes. HRP-6776 $229.00 Quick Change Tray This nice piece helps change gears quickly with a pour spout built in for easy cleanup. Standard PIT-128-S $39.99 Deluxe PIT-128-D $72.99 Gear Boxes These durable plastic gear boxes are available in black or blue. POP-001 $7.95 Bearing Packer The grease stays in the tool cavity, not on your hands!!! The bearing packer is the easiest and cleanest way to pack your bearings. To pack your bearing, place the bearing on the piston, press down on the cap until the old grease is forced out and the new grease shows on top of the packer. It’s that easy. KRP-586 $33.95 Winters Spindle Nut Wrench This wrench was made specifically to fit Winters Performance special locking spindle nut kit, the right tool for the job. WIN-3621 $21.00